6 SEO best practices you should be doing right now

6 SEO best practices you should be doing right now

If you want to get the most out of your website then SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a very crucial part that you need to take care of . There has been a lot of changes till now in the world of google strategies and ranking Procedure. Well, these changes will continue further. Even if there has been multiple changes, some basic tasks or concepts of SEO process always remains same. For instance: The keyword research and choosing the right keyword is still necessary. Likewise, one should definitely keep the track of what backlinks are following your website.

The results of continuing the best SEO practices is always beneficial for sure. That is why make sure you will follow these top 10 best SEO practices while optimizing your website:

Page Load Speed should be minimal:

Will you feel easy to use a website that takes eternal to load at full fledge? An obvious answer is No. We definitely don’t want to experience such error in any website. Considering the user experience, the website should be optimized so that it can load easy and fast. That is why many factors should be considered in order to accelerate speed of website . Also, Talking about SEO, it also helps in improving the quality of website which leads to improved rankings. Similary, the more page load speed , the more bounce rates. Hence what you can do to minimize this consequences are:

  • Use redirects as less as possible.
  • Host your website in a quality server.
  • Optimize images of your site.
  • Minimize the code. etc.

Content is always the King:

Always create the longer content with best quality. Consider the user’s(audience’s) view while publishing any content. And plagiarism check is a must. Search engines like google always looks if there is any possible usable information in your articles,blogs etc. This is one of the important ranking factor in the world of SEO. The longer content you’ll build the more chances of users getting answers of their queries in your site. Also, when users stay and visits multiple pages in your site it’s gonna help in reducing the bounce rate as well.


At present, there will be special focus on E-A-T factors of your site. It refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness of the site. Your trust is built on the basis of reviews and feedback provided by users for your company. The publishers should have an expertise on related topics. The content published by an authorized source will be focused for measuring quality of site. Therefore, the new and content without any plagiarism should be published. The company needs to focus on satisfying their customers and increase good review for their brands.

SEO for Mobile Devices

Most of the users now use mobile devices rather than desktop. Optimizing the content for mobile is a must for SEO competitors. While developers develop the website, they mostly focus on desktop version which make website a mess in smartphones. So, Cross platform verification must be done since this will determine the rankings of your website nowon. All the images, graphics, content, CTA should be equally clear and should be able to grab the attention of users through screen of smartphones as well.

Quality Backlinks with brand improvements

While performing the off-page seo, do not just leave your site links in any website, build the backlinks which can actually drag the traffic and increase brand awareness among them. When the traffic increases and if you will be able to provide usable information they will be willing to share your content among other, this way your site can have quality backlinks instead of spammed links. This is a way of building a trust among mass on behalf of your company. Improve in trusr leads to improvements in SEO status. Always choose those website which are c,loosely related to your content’s niche before leaving the links of your site.

Meta Tags

Title and description of a page are two most picked meta tags among others. The web spiders can crawl your site and read these informations in order to summarize the information of your website. Always use unique title tag for each page of your site. Try to summarize the gist in meta description.Also, Do not include any extra meta tags that are not relatable. While title and description are mandatory other tags such as keywords, social meta, languages etc are optional .Using bad meta tags will only take a space in your code and will not be beneficial at all. Since, search engines might use your informations for snippets or ranks, you must keep the track of your meta tags and improvise it properly.

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