Techie IT an enthusiastic supporter
About Us
About Us

Techie IT Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepali IT company that specializes in providing IT support and solution to individuals as well as small and medium businesses.

Established in 2015 with aim to be “your enthusiastic supporter”, we value the development of long term relationships with our clients. We always aim to demonstrate integrity and reliability, and to ultimately become a trusted partner.

A perfected team of Tech-savvies, we simplify complexities in digital realm. We are constantly dabbling with newest trends and future possibilities. Our experienced team knows how to maximize and future-proof your current technology investments. 

Our range of solutions and services cover the spectrum of online presence, specializing in web development, software development, digital marketing and support requirements. This has enabled us to deliver a one-stop-shop full service to our clients, reliably providing and supporting core IT infrastructure, with the highest level of customer service. 

What we do

If it doesn’t exist, we build it

The businesses that will thrive in the world of tomorrow might not exist. We will build products or business from scratch based on an industry gap or current inefficiency.


If its behind, we transform it

Innovating from within can be difficult to achieve. That’s why we modernise existing business through completely transforming their value and growth.


If its inefficient, we optimise it

We future proof already successful businesses by unlocking untapped potential, growth opportunities and completely new verticals.

We've worked with big and small alike.

We've been grateful to partner with a wide variety of businesses. These are some of the clients who have trusted us to realize their projects. Aawaj Online Health Press Films Himalaya Online Foundation Tube Dainik Live Akhabar Aawaj Online Health Press Films Himalaya Online Foundation Tube Dainik Live Akhabar