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Introducing VaquitaCMS by Techie IT – the ultimate digital publishing platform designed in close collaboration with media experts. Our mission with VaquitaCMS is to revolutionize your business in the media industry, empowering you to concentrate on crafting captivating content while we take care of the rest.


With VaquitaCMS, we bring you an unparalleled experience through our user-friendly dashboard. Publishing and distributing news and ads content has never been easier. Seamlessly navigate through the platform and witness the efficiency it brings to your content management tasks.


At Techie IT, we firmly believe that a Content Management System (CMS) should go beyond mere functionality – it should be an enjoyable and creative experience that fulfills your ambitions. VaquitaCMS embodies this philosophy, offering an interface that sparks inspiration and creativity at every turn.


Our platform is meticulously crafted to optimize your workflow and elevate your productivity. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and embrace the simplicity and efficiency VaquitaCMS offers. Whether you're a seasoned media professional or new to the industry, our platform adapts to your needs, ensuring a smooth and satisfying journey.


Discover the future of digital publishing with VaquitaCMS. Experience the ease of managing your media content, engaging with your audience, and maximizing your impact. Join us on this transformative journey and let VaquitaCMS empower your business for success in the media industry. Together, we'll redefine the way you publish and share content, making every moment in the digital landscape truly fulfilling.


VaquitaCMS offers an array of powerful features that cater to every aspect of your digital publishing needs. Let's delve into the diverse functionalities that make VaquitaCMS stand out from the crowd:


User Role Management:

Effortlessly manage user roles and permissions to ensure a secure and organized content management environment. Grant access levels based on responsibilities and streamline collaboration within your team.


Ads Placement Management:

Manage your ads easily with our Ads Placement Management feature. Seamlessly integrate ads into your content, optimizing revenue streams while delivering a smooth user experience.


User Activities and Controls:

Gain valuable insights into user activities and behaviors on your platform. With robust user controls, you can enhance engagement and tailor content to meet the preferences of your audience.


Quick News Create:

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced digital world. Our Quick News Create feature empowers you to publish news articles swiftly, ensuring your audience stays up-to-date with the latest information.


Advance Filter Option:

Refine your content search with the Advance Filter Option. Seamlessly navigate through vast content libraries and locate specific articles or data with ease.


Poll Management:

Enhance audience engagement with interactive polls. Our Poll Management feature enables you to gather valuable feedback and opinions, fostering a sense of community on your platform.


Top News Poster Data:

Stay informed about the performance of your top news articles. The Top News Poster Data feature provides valuable analytics, allowing you to optimize content strategies for maximum impact.


Super Fast Browsing, Laravel Octane inbuilt:

Speed is at the core of VaquitaCMS. Powered by Laravel Octane, our platform ensures super-fast browsing experiences, keeping your audience captivated and coming back for more.


Auto Share on Social Media:

Extend the reach of your content effortlessly. With Auto Share on Social Media, VaquitaCMS automatically promotes your articles across various social media platforms, expanding your audience base.


Push Notifications with OneSignal:

Keep your audience engaged in real-time. Our Push Notifications feature, integrated with OneSignal, enables you to deliver instant updates and breaking news directly to your users' devices.


Easy to Use:

Above all, VaquitaCMS prides itself on its user-friendly interface. With an intuitive design and easy-to-navigate features, managing your digital publishing becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Discover the power and convenience of VaquitaCMS. From efficient content creation to engaging audience interaction, our feature-rich platform empowers you to elevate your digital publishing game. Experience the future of content management with VaquitaCMS – the choice for modern, dynamic, and user-centric media platforms.

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