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Vaquita CMS
Vaquita CMS


VaquitaCMS by Techie IT is a digital publishing platform created in collaboration with media experts. VaquitaCMS's mission is to help you transform your business in media industry, allowing you to focus on more engaging content. VaquitaCMS provides you best experience dashboard by which you can publish or distribute news and ads content simply. We believe CMS must be an enjoyable and creative experience to be truly fulfilling. 


VaquitaCMS has the various features, such as:


  • User Role Management.
  • Ads Placement Management.
  • User Activities and Controls.
  • Quick News Create.
  • Advance Filter Option.
  • Poll Management.
  • Top News Poster Data.
  • Super Fast Browsing, Laravel Octane inbuilt.
  • Auto Share on Social Media.
  • Push Notifications with OneSignal.
  • Easy to Use.
What we do

If it doesn’t exist, we build it

The businesses that will thrive in the world of tomorrow might not exist. We will build products or business from scratch based on an industry gap or current inefficiency.


If its behind, we transform it

Innovating from within can be difficult to achieve. That’s why we modernise existing business through completely transforming their value and growth.


If its inefficient, we optimise it

We future proof already successful businesses by unlocking untapped potential, growth opportunities and completely new verticals.

We've worked with big and small alike.

We've been grateful to partner with a wide variety of businesses. These are some of the clients who have trusted us to realize their projects. Aawaj Online Health Press Films Himalaya Online Foundation Tube Dainik Live Akhabar Aawaj Online Health Press Films Himalaya Online Foundation Tube Dainik Live Akhabar