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02 Sep, 2022

Does it cost high for a Custom WordPress Theme?

Does it cost high for a Custom WordPress Theme?

Are you interested in knowing how much it costs to create a custom WordPress theme in Nepal?

You have a lot of control and flexibility over the structure and style of your WordPress site when you create a custom theme. However, a lot of people decide against using a custom theme because they believe it will be costly.

A custom WordPress theme: what is it?

Custom WordPress themes are designed from scratch by adhering to each stage of the website design and development process. It was created with the objective of reflecting the unique design desired by businesses and organizations. A custom WordPress theme has an unique style, design, and functions that are specially made to meet the needs and expectations of your company. 

Despite the abundance of both free and paid WordPress themes, a custom theme will help your business or brand stand out with an unique design.

By choosing a custom WordPress theme, you can avoid being limited by the constraints of an existing template or layout. You are completely free to change the look and functionality of your website and theme.

Why is it essential to use a custom WordPress theme? 

WordPress has made it simple for users to create an attractive and useful websites, but does that mean every business should create a website on their own? Well, that totally depends on the type of website you are building and most importantly your budget. It is generally advised to use DIY (do it yourself) if you are an individual trying to build a modest blogging website.

In contrast side, if you are running a business and want to reach customers through your website design, it is crucial to provide a design that accurately represents your business and meets site visitors' expectations. Nowadays, the majority of companies who use WordPress for their website use a custom WordPress theme. Why, you ask? Because they are given the freedom to create a website that takes into consideration both the design and functionality of your business.

When you design a custom WordPress theme, you have access to a blank page where you can add elements, content, and other multimedia in order to meet those needs. On the other hand, if you use a pre-built theme, you might run into a few restrictions. Therefore, a custom WordPress theme gives you complete freedom to insert graphics, a sidebar, a video, a section for featured articles, and more. These things can help your website visually attractive and increase customer.

What Determines the Price of a Custom WordPress Theme?

The price of the project varies depending on the specifications since each custom WordPress theme is especially designed for the individual client.

The following are some of the elements that will affect how much your custom WordPress theme will cost:

Expectations, Features, and Functionality

The development time and cost of your custom theme will rise as more features and functionality are added. Normally, clients have higher expectations than their budgets.

Custom features and high-quality work will require additional time, which will increase the cost.

The features you desire for your website may also require premium WordPress plugins. The price of creating a custom theme will increase as a result.

Orders for Change and Revisions

The cost of your custom WordPress theme development may increase significantly if you decide to change its scope in the middle of development.

While minimal changes are allowed, major change requests frequently result in change-order fees from freelancers and agencies.

Hosting, Maintenance, and Support

WordPress hosting, website maintenance, and support services are not included with the purchase of a custom WordPress theme.

These services could be charged extra by some agencies and freelancers.